Welcome To Reach A Child Educational Trust

Reachachild is a child care resource and referral service. We often just call ourselves an R&R, short for Resource and Referral. We helped create R&R's in California and in the rest of the country. We exist to help parents find child care and children's services in their communities.

Our Latest Work


To minimize the gap between the needy which is the student community starving for education and the affordable which is YOU. Utilizing all available media of communication to identify the basic needs of student community through the members of the trust and providing channels to assist those who are affordable and inclined to help those children experience EDUCATION. A hand to educate is an eye to life.


Our vision is to educate the unaffordable students through affordable students inculcating in them the habit of helping children who needs education & bringing in awareness about plight of economically backward class in the country. To imbibe social responsibility to educate their fellow students who are otherwise deprived of even for their basic education opportunity. Education is the basic right of every CHILDREN.

Donate your IDEAS

We value your ideas more than your money. We believe that your ideas will create a consistent and continuous opportunity to generate funds rather than your hand once stretched. Your little idea can change the life of millions and millions of students who are craving for education. We mean the best education to everyone. There cannot Be any compromise on the opportunity we can create for the next generation.


" Reach a child is a novel concept. I would like to be a part of this trust and render my helping hands to educate needy students. There are a lot of students who could not continue their studies for want of money. Their requirement is so small compared to the money we normally spend for our children. In such case Reach A Child plays a very critical role to reach those needy students and help them for education. Thanks to the nice opportunity Reach A Child and its team has given me to do some little service to the society "
" Makesh Babu "

" This is a nice and healthy trust I have ever come across. The idea and concept is well articulated and they don’t collect donation but involve everyone who are affordable. This trust gives a long term helping practice to the donors and their children. This also enriches the minds of our children inculcating good habits like savings & helping other "
" Vasudevan "

" I was introduced by my friend to this trust. I thought this is also a trust collecting donation from every one and helping children as every other trust does. Only after attending the meeting I could understand that it is not a trust for collecting donation but a trust to make everyone involved to build a great future for students not able to pay money for their education. I got involved and now I am trying to build a strong society through this educational trust. "
" Mani "