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Who do we serve ?


To minimize the gap between the needy which is the student community starving for education and the affordable which is YOU. Utilizing all available media of communication to identify the basic needs of student community through the members of the trust and providing channels to assist those who are affordable and inclined to help them experience EDUCATION.


Our vision is to educate the unaffordable student community and simultaneously bring in awareness among the mass about the economic gap prevailing in the country. To inculcate social responsibility among student community in educating their fellow students who are otherwise deprived of even for their basic education opportunity. Education is the basic right of every CHILDREN. RTE (Right to Education)

Our vision is to educate the unaffordable student community through affordable students inculcating in them the habit of helping children who needs education.

Educate a Child

Our main motto is to educate each and every deserving student to get the basic education at any cost. Though there are a lot of requirements for a children during the education, Reach A Child will concentrate only on education and anything related to education. We try to provide opportunity for poor children to make them rich in education.

Assist an Orphanage

A next step towards our goal to help the needy will be to assist the existing orphanage who struggle to provide necessary infra structure. Service is always a team work & every endeavour to help the orphanage is a wise venture to achieve the goals. All deserving orphanages can align with our trust to share our thoughts to bring in an atmosphere to educate the child.

Adopt a Village

Reach A Child is destined to put all efforts to make this process reach the downtrodden. The trust will adopt a village and see that over a period of time, the children of the entire village get the due quota of education without and compromise. Reaching a child makes more sense in adopting the village and spend all our energy to make that village a model for this whole country.

Build a temple of Learning

The ultimate aim of Reach A Child is to build a temple of learning where free education will be offered from primary education to higher education. Sky is the limit and all our efforts will lead to achieving a total infra structure which brings education to the masses which is free. We know it will take decades and when it is achieved we know there cannot be poverty in education.